Allen, don’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk! Other
trainers may say their the best but Allen puts his money where his mouth is and
offers guarantees to his clients!


24 Hour Response Guarantee– If you email or text  Allen he’ll get back to you personally within
a 24 hour period, usually less! Not his assistant, you’ll be hearing directly
from Allen himself within a timely manner.


Here’s what you can expect from Allen…

My personal pledge to you is simple and straightforward. I
promise to provide you with all the professional instruction, education,
motivation, and accountability necessary to see real and lasting changes in
your body. Since no two people are alike you’ll require personalized
recommendations to follow.


It is imperative that you follow these recommendations in
order to see positive results in my programs. Ultimately, your compliance and
consistency will determine your results. If you have medical considerations that
would affect your ability to see results in my programs I’ll help you address
these issues with referrals to outside health professionals.


Here’s what I’ll expect from you…

Your part is to regularly show up for your scheduled
workouts and follow the personalized recommendations as provided by myself and
your trainer to the best of your abilities. This includes completing outside
cardio as prescribed on the days you’re not meeting with your trainer, making
the necessary changes in your diet, being consistent with your workouts, and following
through with any further recommendations.


It’s not about being perfect as our clients will tell you.
It’s about making changes little by little and working on building routines
through consistency. The difference is this time you’ll have a support group
with people who genuinely care about seeing you be successful and who’ll be
there to help you along the way with accountability, motivation, and


I’m confident you’ll find it to be one of the best
investments you’ve made for yourself.